Thanks for an amazing 2011!

2011 ran Red – all thanks to you folks!

Sundance 2011

God vs. SMod

Thanks for supporting the little flick that could – all year long!

- If you saw us at Sundance.
- If you helped us break records on the Red State U.S.A. Tour.
- If you hit the New Beverly run in Los Angeles.
- If you attended the streaming Q&A screenings.
- If you checked us out during the VOD release.
- If you bought a Bluray or DVD.
- If you watched us instantly on Netflix.
- If you saw us on the Red Province Tour.
- If you saw us on the Red State UK Tour.
- If you gave us awards at Sitges.
- If you bought any of the SMerch.
- If you rooted for us at all.

Thank you all so much for the most amazing year of my life.

Simple really did shit itself, didn’t it?

- Kevin

Sundance 2011

I can has protest? Yelps at Phelps!

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